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How To Fix Inconsistent Revenue Permanently
For 2019.

Never lay awake at night again worried about your business revenue. In this hands on workshop you'll discover how to permanently fix inconsistent revenue, and even create a competitive advantage for your business because of it.
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Thursday, December 13

2 PM EST, 11am PST
Only 100 Spots Available

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Do you believe the following are the cause of your inconsistent revenue? 

  • 1
    ​LACK OF WILLPOWER​Did you know that willpower has recently been proven by neuroscience to actually have little to no REAL power over your actions? Been struggling to get the work you 'need' to get done, finished? In this workshop you'll learn what REALLY works and the strategies to keep things working.​​
  • 2
    Contrary to what most marketers out there want you to believe, the size, length or complexity of your sales funnel has little to NO bearing on your results. Don't believe the hype. There is a BETTER way. Learn why a ZERO step funnel can often be the best for your business.
  • 3
    You've likely seen boatloads of fancy new software claiming to make your business grow - automatically! It's TOTAL BS. In most cases adding new software adds complexity to an already complex business. Simplicity is always better. On the workshop we'll show you what works, and is super simple to get results.
  • 4
    If your business is doing six figures or more per year, you're almost certainly working hard. There simply isn't enough energy to do everything! Learn how to grow by actually doing LESS!
  • 5
    There is NO SUCH THING as managing time. You can't make more time than what we all get at the start of every day. What you CAN DO is learn to focus on growth multipliers and ignore the rest.
  • 6
    If you're already servicing clients on a regular basis, simply adding more marketing into your business will most times work against you. You need 3 key systems in place before you turn on the marketing - on the workshop you'll learn what they are and how to set them up.

In this free workshop you'll discover why NONE of these are the root cause of revenue issues, what IS the root cause of the problem and how to fix it.  


Hundreds of business owners have fixed their revenue problems. Here's what they're saying...

​Lisa Rangel

​Chameleon Resumes

“Using Bob's method's my revenue DOUBLED four years in a ROW! Thank you Bob!!"

​Jorge Diaz

​​Larry Jacob Internet Services

Finding solutions quickly to the challenges you're facing is one of the keys to success in business. Bob's no-nonsense approach is a breath of fresh air in a market jammed with worthless noise

​​Aloke Chaudhuri

​​CEO, Hecate Networks

I'd give this training a full 10 on a 1-10 scale. Reason I say that, there are a lot of 'trainings' out there, and a LOT of them talk in a very abstract way, not down to the nitty gritty of what exactly your action plans should be to get down to your goals. I think Bob's course is totally different in that way, as he actually goes into details on what actually needs to get done, and then gives you the worksheets and tools to make it as simple as possible.

​Jack Rued

​​​CEO Strategic Directions In Marketing

​I have found this training to be unlike anything similar I’ve attended in the past, and I’ve been in many.  The major point of differentiation is that
there is an emphasis on strategic concepts, that are immediately married with the simple tactical components of “how to execute the strategy”.  While this seems
simple, in many other groups there is either a focus only on strategic issues, or only on tactical issues. Rarely have I been involved with a group that KNOWS the real value of the integration between the two. Bob is a master at this.

​​​Kern Dillard

​​​Owner Kern's Auto Care

What I was doing was creating a lot of STUFF that didn’t really go anywhere. What I’ve learned here is the FOCUS on the things that matter, and getting them implemented. Had it not been for what I’ve learned, I don’t think I’d still be in business.

​Don & Tyler Smith

​​​​Text In

Bob has dramatically changed the way we think about our business and the way we run it. My father & I both were working harder & harder rather than smarter & smarter each year. We were too busy working “In” our business to work “on” our business. We were working 70+ hours a week and beginning to wear down when my dad & I had a heart to heart. Bob made this a reality for us. We work less, take more vacations &&spend more quality time with our families than ever before.


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