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  • Day 1- Eliminate Opportunity Paralysis
    Many times, people become stuck chasing many different opportunities because they're not sure which one to focus on. Discover Bob's secret formula to identifying what your MOST profitable activity should be.
  • Day 2- Rule Of Three
    Learn the power of maximum focus ​and what it can do for you and your business.
  • Day 3- Rare Courage Thinking
    Learn a unique process that eliminates distractions and clears the road for explosive growth.
  • Day 4- Rule Of ONE
    Learn this simple, yet powerful technique to instantly transform your messaging from boring and lifeless to clear and powerful.
  • Day 5- Create Your Uniqueness
    Most businesses don't position themselves well within the marketplace, and as a result, struggle to get paid top dollar, this process fixes that, getting you out of the commodity business so you can charge whatever you want.
  • Day 6- Identify Problems and Solve ONE
    Learn how to solve a problem for your ​prospect and make them aware of more, that they will pay you big money to fix.
  • Day 7- Building MASSIVE Value
    Understanding your value, and being able to communicate that to your prospect quickly and clearly so they understand it is an ART form. Bob shows you how ​to quickly build value for what you do in your prospects mind, so THEY think you are different and worth being paid more.
  • Day 8- Sell Your Ass Off
    Nothing can cure cash flow problems faster than selling MORE often at higher profit margins, here you'll learn how it's done is a way that isn't pushy, sleazy or awkward. 
  • Day 9- Maximize Your Leverage
    Understanding WHEN you should be looking to leverage your time and effort is key to building a business that can scale, here you'll find the formula. 
  • Day 10- Smash The Barriers To Moving Forward
    To get to the 7-Figure level and beyond, you're going to face some significant challenges, here Bob shares what they are and how to overcome them, quickly. 
  • PLUS:
    Each lesson contains a worksheet or template to help you APPLY the learning immediately to YOUR business.

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  It is great to see so many people embracing this important, transformative work – and get on the path to thriving, instead of just surviving!


  My ​Surviving To Thriving 10-Day Transformation is free, online, and open to any business owner – and you can start at any time.

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​I love Bob's No-Nonsense approach to things. He cuts through to the heart of the matter making it WAY easier to get results, FAST!


​Lisa Rangel

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​Brett Youngberg



​Bob was the spark that changed everything for me. My business (and honestly my life) has never been the same since I got involved with him. 


​Steve Young

​Body Solutions Inc.

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