Finally! An End To The Struggle, Suffering And Low Profits Too Many Small Business Owners Live With Everyday.

The ONE Critical Missing Element To Rapidly Growing ANY Business ,
As Quickly And Effortlessly As Possible.
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Here's Just A Few Of The Benefits Of MAG Meetings

  • Direct One On One Interaction And Dedicated Help With Your Specific Business Challenges. - You'll have the chance to get answers to YOUR specific challenged and problems. It doesn't matter if you're having lead trouble, sales problems, employee challenges, or problems with fulfillment - we've got you covered. 
  • Proven Ideas and Systems That Will Catapult Your Results. No Theory - No ' Try This ' - Real Hard Hitting PROVEN Strategies and Tactics From REAL Entrepreneurs. - Everyone in attendance has a REAL business, and expertise in some area, you'll leave with real world experience that generate results - fast!
  • Automated Systems - At Every Opportunity We Look For Ways To Automate Business Systems, and We'll Openly Share That Knowledge With You. There is NO OTHER GROUP anywhere that has the depth of experience in this area like we do. Bob is a MASTER at computer systems and has automated many things people said could not be done.
  • A Double Espresso Shot of Motivation! - If you've been feeling beaten up, run down, or just plain frustrated with your business growth, you'll leave with renewed energy and vigor for your business.
  • You'll know exactly WHAT to do, and HOW to get it done! Our members tell us this is one of the primary reasons they make a point to never miss a meeting, the renewed energy you'll come away with is priceless!

...And these are just a few of the highlights. Once you're in attendance, you'll discover many other powerful yet subtle ways attending a meeting like this will benefit you.

  Brett YoungbergSeeVirtual 360, Vancouver BC

I consider attending MAG meetings the MISSION CRITICAL element to my businesses growth and success. In the last 12 months things have radically changed for me, my sales have skyrocketed, my health has improved and I'm excited again about my business and the future. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the MAG group and Bob's coaching for helping me get there. Come check out the group, I guarantee, you will leave forever changed.

Being part of the MAG group has had a dramatic and lasting impact on my business. Not only have I tripled sales from last year to this year, I'm working less than ever before. MAG has also challenged me personally, by helping rid me of the 'head trash' I've struggled with. I feel confident and excited for the first time in many years and I expect to become wealthy using what I've learned.

Lisa RangelChameleon Resumes, Rutherford, NJ
Dr. Steve Young Body Solutions Inc,
Voorhees, NJ

MAG helped me conceptualize and launch a brand new business, from zero to over $250,000 in annual revenue without spending a single dime to create anything first. Amazing! At the same time it helped me grow my brick and mortar business 24% in just a few months. The people are amazing, the thought process is challenging and I'm super excited about my business, and where I'm going from here!



I want each and every person to be not only satisfied, but excited about the investment they've made of time and money to attend one of my MAG events. Therefor, I offer the best guarantee ever - Come join us for one of my MAG events, and if after only the first day of the three day event, for any reason, or NO REASON at all, you don't think what you've seen and learned is for you, just say so and I'll not only refund your FULL ticket price, but I'll throw in $200 of MY OWN MONEY toward your travel expenses.

Now THAT'S a serious guarantee!

Don't Miss Out! Only 10 Spots Available.

Because each person that attends a MAG meeting gets time and individual attention we simply cannot allow the masses to join us. So we are forced to limit the number of spots available to only 10.
Please don't delay, or you'll miss your chance to see for yourself what being a part of a group like this can do for you and your business.