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Ask Me Anything Live

In this recording of a recent webinar, Bob answers questions submitted by other business owners on his list.

By watching this recording you’ll hear Bob’s hard hitting, no nonsense answers to these tough questions:

  • I’ve heard a lot about using automation with your marketing and to save time in your business, but what does it really mean? What software are people using? What kind of stuff can I automate? Is it really worth it? I feel like it takes forever to set up and never works right.
  • I am trying to grow my auto repair business. How do I find the financing I need to purchase the lot adjoining my shop and for the building I would build? Currently I have just one employee with 3 bays but would like to expand and hire one more tech. I am too busy working in the business instead of on it. I am in a small town of 2300 people with 3 other shops in close proximity.
  • I am wondering how I decide which tasks need to be done in order to grow my business. My business is a service business and I am trading hours for dollars. Unfortunately I spend my time doing this. Trying to find time to create products that allow me to leverage my knowledge without losing the income I have now is my current issue.
  • We have two separate magazine-publishing products that are franchises to two different entities. The parent entities have websites, but we do not have our own. Is it possible to automate without our own website? Can facebook be used as a viable option? (Sorry — two questions!)
  • How do you build an email list, before you have a list?
  • What is your one BEST tip for writing an auto-responder message that helps to generate qualified prospects?
  • How do you properly target when your business relies on multiple targets? For instance I provide two highly disparate and separate services. I sell these services and to several different cultures with very different cultural views and language needs.
  • I own a online lingerie retail company. I am struggling as a new business to gain a steady clientele. What is your advise to get through this hurdle?
  • Who do you believe when they all tell you they can get you on Googles first page ?
  • Is there possibility to bounce back from a fall in my achievements?
  • I have been the owner of two small business since l990 and I like to work in both, fairly the same income in both of them.I would that to put more effort in just one of them but I don’t know which one should I choise. Can you give me some help in which one do I choose?
  • I am real estate sector with residential rental business- i have had vacancy for over six months and have had to go to Tenancy board every time a tenant moves out. I need help on how to target big families who need single family homes.