​Is Your DESIRE For Growth Actually Preventing It?

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​ Do you believe you need the following to take
 your business to the 7-Figure level? 


Well, you are WRONG!

In This 7-Day course, you'll see how these things can actually PREVENT you from achieving the 7-Figure level.

You'll discover why these actions above can secretly work against you and continue to keep you stuck.

If you've been at the 6-Figure level for more than 6 months...or even 6 years, the constraints have most likely infiltrated your business, and are actively keeping you from breaking the 7-Figure mark. 

Get instant free access to your ​Automated Entrepreneur ​Business Transformation. During this 7-Day video training course ​you'll find answers that will jump-start YOUR business to the 7-Figure level.

​REAL Results WITHOUT The Hype...

Hundreds of people have ​worked with Bob and experienced their 7-Figure breakthrough, including; home based businesses, real estate entrepreneurs, auto repair shops, IT service professionals, business service pros, health care specialists, photographers, and MANY MORE.

​ This 7-Day course will give you the tools and mindset that will jump-start you toward your 7-Figure business.

 Listen, ​thousands of Guru's out there is trying to convince you that ​MORE MARKETING, FANCY NEW SOFTWARE, A NEW 'SALES FUNNEL', WORKING HARDER, BETTER TIME MANAGEMENT,  STRONGER SELF DISCIPLINE are the answer to take your business to the 7-Figure level, but it's almost total B.S.
 You've probably seen this stuff...
 " Facebook ads are your key to success... " 
 " YouTube Videos are the answer..."
 " 7-Figures Comes With A Webinar..."
 " ​New 'Insert Fancy Name Here' to Lead Generation... "
​ " Get this new software.... it'll take you to the promised land..."

 Here's the TRUTH:
 If you're making sales now (you're at the 6-Figure per year mark right?) then these things SEEM to be the logical thing that will bring you significant results, fast. - problem is ​they don't - they bring a TEMPORARY increase, at best.

 In fact, if you don't have several of the key elements of a 7-Figure business in place BEFORE more customers come rolling in, your business will spiral out of control, and you'll likely go under. Even if you do somehow survive, the strain often has the owner working 12 hour days, exhausted, stressed out, with all kinds of health problems, anxiety and more, and who wants to live like that?

 ​I created the Automated Entrepreneur Method®, to put a stop to this madness and lead people toward REAL, SUSTAINABLE, growth, that ensures the owner has a life with plenty of vacation time, financial reward, and little to no stress. This process has allowed MULTIPLE owners to grow their businesses to the 7-Figure level, only to discover that their business now runs without them and they can CHOOSE if and when they work from now on.


 This 7-Day Survive To Thrive ​​Automated Entrepreneur ​Business Transformation is free, online, and open to business owners who are at the 6-Figure level and have a deep desire to get to 7-Figures.


​ What's a wantrapreneur? It's someone that WANTS to be an entrepreneur, but doesn't actually have a business, or isn't generating revenue month after month already. This course isn't for you, when you're at the six figure level consistently, come back and sign up then. 

Bob Britton
The Business Growth Authority

​The Automated Entrepreneur Method​® 7-Day Jump-Start Course

Day 1- ​​The Hidden Gold In Your Business

​Your first step to 7-Figure land is right here. Here we'll unearth the hidden gold in your business. With this tool and process, you'll ​be able to identify what needs your attention, and what to drop, literally creating the first major shift in your daily activity - which starts to change everything.

Day 2- The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do - TODAY.

​Nothing is more powerful than having razor focus - NOTHING. But what should you focus on? With this tool and process, you'll be able to KNOW with certainty where you need to invest your energy and how to limit the number of things demanding your attention. 

Day 3- ​Find & Eliminate Time / Energy Vampires 

​As a business owner, you're a talented person, and many different things will struggle for your time and attention. Here you'll find a permanent solution to 'overwhelm' so you can have clear, focused time and energy for what you decide matters most.

Day 4- 10x your Response Rates

Learn this simple, yet powerful technique to instantly transform your messaging. You'll get 2x, 5x, even 10x more response from ANY communication you do by following this method and process. 

Day 5- ​Charge Whatever You Want

Most businesses don't ​charge enough, and as a result end up stuck, year after year in the same place. When you ​use this process to decipher your 'hidden' uniqueness, you'll be able to charge whatever you want, and get paid what you need to - to grow. 

Day 6- ​Close The Sale - Easily & Every Time

 ​Here you'll discover that you've likely been missing out on boatloads of profit, without even realizing it. With this tool and process, you'll be able to re-position things so people will be HAPPY to pay you more without having to be a master salesperson.

Day 7- ​A Never-Fail System To Keep You Going

​Motivation isn't permanent, and neither is direction. Here you'll learn what the essential elements are to keep moving forward no matter what life throws at you.

​YOUR Results Start Today...

In This 7-Day course, you'll learn why more marketing will actually PREVENT you from achieving the 7-Figure level.

You'll discover several 'hidden' constraints that might be secretly working against you RIGHT NOW, and keeping you stuck.
If you've been at the 6-Figure per year level for more than 6 months... or even 6 years, these constraints most likely have infiltrated your business, and are actively keeping you from breaking the 7-Figure mark.

Get instant free access to your Automated Entrepreneur ​Business Transformation. During this 7-Day video training course ​you'll find answers that will jump-start YOUR business to the 7-Figure level.

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WOW! I Mean WOW! I'd heard SO MUCH BS from so many places before I found Bob. I love Bob's No-Nonsense approach to things. He cuts through to the heart of the matter making it WAY easier to get results, FAST! This method WORKS. 

Lisa Rangel - Chameleon Resumes

The ONLY regret I have is that I didn't get involved with Bob sooner. I would have saved years of struggle and suffering. Take Action NOW!

Brett Youngberg - SeeVirtual360

Bob was the spark that changed everything for me. My business (and honestly my life) has never been the same since I got involved with him. Thanks BOB!

Steve Young - Body Solutions Inc.

​About The ​Automated Entrepreneur
​Business Transformation

​Bob Britton

Bob Britton is an accomplished entrepreneur with ​25 year’s experience ​starting, building and growing both brick-and-mortar companies as well as online businesses. ​He's personally built 3 companies from one man shows to the million dollar mark, as well as having millions and millions worth of a variety of products & services. Marketing Automation Group and the Automated Entrepreneur Method​® are his latest brainchild. After working with hundreds of business owners in every walk of business, he realized there was a HUGE gap in the support and training that was available, and set out to fill that void with his no-nonsense, hype free approach to helping people achieve financial and personal success. To date Bob has helped hundreds of people finally break through to the 7-figure level and beyond using his unique blend of direct response marketing, no-nonsense business fundamentals, clear sales strategy online marketing & the latest technology and automation tools. 

  The ​Automated Entrepreneur Method

​ Over 7 days this course will show you the essential elements to moving to 7-Figues. The tools that have brought you to where you are will not take you to the next level. You'll learn to refocus, and realign your business strategy with your efforts, and when those two are in align, you WILL see massive gains in your business. You'll learn new tools, new strategies, and the ​mindset that will help you drive your business like never before. So many business owners get to the six figure, even high six figure level, but never break through to the next level. They often think that it will be 'too much work' because they are used to working hard. One of the first things you'll discover in this course is that to get to that 7 figure level, working harder is not part of the formula. Start your journey today.