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Free Triage Call

For a limited time I’m offering to do a quick 15 minute, ‘Triage’ call
with YOU totally free.

You can schedule it here:  http://magauthority.com/ScheduleACall
(A couple of small restrictions apply, please see below)

Why do a call with me? Excellent question!

In the past few years, I’ve helped dozens of people transform from
broke and struggling to wealthy and free by walking them through
my ‘Automated Entrepreneur’ method. I’ve developed this method
after years of working with entrepreneurs and small business owners
and figuring out exactly what the common challenges they all faced
were, and then developing the specific tools to overcome them.

You can schedule yours here:  http://magauthority.com/ScheduleACall

If you’re facing a specific challenge in your business, let’s chat, but
please a couple of ‘Rules’ before you schedule.

1. Please have a ‘real’ business with real sales – no startups.
2. Be open to new ideas and opinions, if you just want to argue with me
about how your idea is best, spare me the frustration.
3. Be ready to do a little homework before our call. Once you register
you’ll get more info on this.

That’s it! No big deal… Just a few small things.

Why am I doing this? Another excellent question! You’re full of them today.

Look, this year has been really good to me, and especially the last few
months. I’m feeling very generous, and I’m super excited about how my
Automated Entrepreneur Method has been kicking ass for so many people
that I want to help MORE people with it.

So I figured, hey, you’re on my list why not offer a quick call to you and
hopefully I can help you our and at the same time put some goodwill out
into the community – which I’ve found always comes back 10x fold to me.

So now that you know why, you can go ahead and schedule your call
(assuming that you meet the criteria I laid out above).


I look forward to speaking with you!

Yours in Profit,

– Bob