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Become part of the Elite Mastermind team!

  • Learn how to implement business ideas
  • Benefit from the joined support of other elite entrepenuers
  • Get instant access to over 50 hours of free training

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Features So Good, It May Cost You More Not To Be A Member!


One On One Support


You’ll get to spend one full hour every month with Bob on a GotoMeeting working on YOUR business specifically. Need help implementing the great ideas and systems you’ve learned? That’s what we’ll do. Need to work on your focus and direction? We can do that too. Members have said that this one on one time is their favorite part of the program.

FOUR 2 Day Live Events


For 2 full days, 4 times a year in locations around the United States, we’ll do specific training on automation techniques and marketing strategies, every day will be jam packed with business building information, you’ll love these.

Be Part Of A Community


Distinct Advantages Of Being Part Of a Group: Shared knowledge, Shared resources, Individual & Group Support, Tap into others experience, JV with like minded people, Part Of A Team, Avoid Mistakes, Fast Track, Much Cheaper, Accountability & Motivation .

Monthly Group Webinars


Every Month we do a 2 hour webinar where as a group we’ll cover a wide variety of topics as well as give individual support to members.

Custom Plugins & Scripts


Bob’s suite of custom plugins and scripts (50+ and counting) to automate all kinds of mundane and repetitive tasks.

Membership Site Success


Membership Site Tactics, Strategies and themes to get people paying you every month, over and over.

Four Full Days Of Masterminding


For a full day, 4 times a year before our group meetings, you’ll get to spend time masterminding with other top business professionals as well as Bob. Bring your toughest challenge and the group will solve it. Need motivation to keep going when times are tough? You’ll find it here. These full day sessions are worth the entire price of the program.

Free Subscription To ALES


You’ll get a complimentary subscription to Bob’s custom made event management system Automated Live Event System (ALES). This software makes it a snap to manage events and webinars taking all the manual detailed labor out of the equation. In fact Bob uses this very software himself to run his coaching groups.
($1164 value)

Private Group Access


Easily communicate with other members on our private Facebook group page. Have a problem? Need some quick advice? You’ll love being able to communicate with other members, it’s easy and fun.

Video Training


50+ hours of specific training videos jam packed with solid business building, marketing and automation advice & ideas

Goal Achievement System


Also on the MAG Elite membership site, you’ll get to use the Goal achievement system that will help you identify and realize your goals.

Support & Motivation


You’ll receive support, motivation and encouragement from Bob and other members. No one is an island and ‘on’ all the time. When times are tough, this can be the very thing that keeps you moving forward.

One On One ‘Intensive’ Day


You’ll get to spend one entire day with Bob in Rochester, NY working on YOUR business specifically. He’ll spend the entire day helping you strategize, and implement your business marketing plan and automation systems. Previous clients that have spent the day with Bob say it was forever life changing. You’ll love it too.

Access To Rolodex


Access to my Rolodex Of Web Designers, Programmers, And Outsourcing & Fulfillment People, You’ll get full access to my ‘vetted’ vendor list. This alone is probably worth the price of membership. Won’t it be nice to KNOW that your dealing with a quality person and getting a fair price?

Instant Access To Our Membership Site


INSTANT ACCESS to the MAG Elite membership site that has over 50 hours of video training. The exact same training the Elite group has benefited from over the past 2 years.



$50k Risk Free Guarantee

30 Days Guarantee – No questions asked! If for ANY reason, or NO reason at all you are unhappy, we will refund you every penny – no hassle.

$50k / 365 Day Guarantee – If after participating in the MAG Platinum group for one year, you don’t make at least an additional $50,000 in sales as a result of your membership, I’ll let you stay in the group for FREE, and work with you directly until you do!

-this is my personal guarantee to you!


Take advantage of these exclusive features & benefits!

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