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Meet Bob Britton – The Business Growth Authority – Bar1

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Meet Bob Britton
The Business Growth Authority

Bob Britton got his start in business with an auto repair shop. He took a small ‘one man show‘ shop and grew it into multiple locations and brought in millions in revenue in just a few short years. Being an avid computer ‘geek’ since childhood, Bob took that considerable knowledge and applied it with Infusionsoft to triple the sales and profits of his business. He then started two other businesses, Computer Service Profits -a company that helps small IT business owners utilize powerful marketing strategies, and Marketing Automation Group -a team of highly motivated entrepreneurs working together to implement automation into their businesses and reap tremendous rewards in doing so.

In 2010 Bob won the prestigious Infusionsoft Ultimate Marketer award for his unique ability to combine technology with traditional business to see massive improvements in efficiency and profits.

Bob now spends his time helping other small business owners realize their dreams and duplicate the
success he’s enjoyed.

Bob lives in upstate New York and enjoys spending his time with family, grilling, and working through his “bucket list”.

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