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No Offer/Lousy Offer

No Offer/Lousy Offer

Hi Business Owner,

My name is Bob Britton, a fellow small business owner and President of Marketing Automation Group

This marketing strategy will be about another BIG mistake business owners make when advertising which is:

It is costly to get a new client. What will make someone respond? Well, we’ll tell you one thing – there is no way that someone will respond to a lousy offer or worse yet, no offer. Remember, the real money in getting a new client is in making them a “client for life”.

Here we are going to talk about presenting a GREAT offer because if you don’t all the good work you did to get your prospect to look at your offer will be useless.

Let us explain.

If what you offer a potential client is not compelling, motivating, different from every other competitive of yours, and a “good deal” THEY WILL NOT TAKE YOU UP ON IT because it is a lousy offer.

Worst yet, if you fail to make NO offer at all, how can they really respond because there is nothing to respond to. Most advertising we see by businesses have NO offer at all and because of this fact they are just wasting money.

Make sense?

What makes a GREAT offer?

Whenever the “perceived value” of what you are offering is greater than the amount of money your potential client has to part with. The greater the perceived value the better. That is why FREE offers always work best because it represents the HIGHEST perceived value because your potential client doesn’t part with any money. Therefore they have NO RISK.

You may be thinking – isn’t it expensive to offer something for free?

Let me back up for just a minute. As a business owner you cannot possibly answer this question UNTIL you know what a new client is actually worth to you in dollars and cents.

The term for this again in marketing is “Life Time Value” (LTV) of a client. You figure this out by taking the amount of profit a client brings you per visit to your store or a service call and them multiply that by how may times that happens each year and then multiply that by the number of years your average clients stays with you.

This number does not have to be exact just a guideline for you to use.

OK, once you have your “number” then you can make an intelligent decision on how much you can spend to get new client.

We know the “Life Time Value” of a client for this industry is about $2,100. Yours will be pretty close to this, maybe a few hundred dollars lower or higher depending on your pricing and costs. So just use the $2,100 number for now.

So would you give away a “low end” FREE computer tune-up which actually costs you say $25 if I knew that client has a really good chance of becoming a client for a long time?

YES because I am getting $2,100 over time and the cost is only $25. That is an unbelievable return on your advertising investment.


You don’t have to come up with your own GREAT offers because just about every marketing program we give you already has them built in. You may have to just “tweak” the offer so it applies to you specifically.

If you have any questions, need some immediate advice, or would like to get involved with my program please give me a call at 585-633-7563.

To your success,

Bob Britton

About the Author Bob Britton

Bob Britton is an accomplished entrepreneur with ​25 year’s experience ​starting, building and growing both brick-and-mortar companies as well as online businesses. ​He's personally built 3 companies from one man shows to the million dollar mark. Marketing Automation Group and the Automated Entrepreneur Method​® are his latest brainchild. After working with hundreds of business owners in every walk of business, he realized there was a HUGE gap in the support and training that was available, and set out to fill that void with his no-nonsense, hype free approach to business growth.

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