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“Are You Happy With The Results Your Yellow Page Ad Is Getting?”

“Are You Happy With The Results Your Yellow Page Ad Is Getting?”

Hi Business Owner,

My name is Bob Britton, a fellow small business owner and President of Marketing Automation Group.

If you are NOT getting the results with your yellow page ad you want or hoped you would get when you signed on the dotted line, its because……

Are you really ready to hear this?

Your ad STINKS

Plain and simple, let me explain.
Until now maybe you thought the Yellow Pages were just a necessary evil. May be you said, “I’ve tried the Yellow Pages before they don’t work.” I don’t blame you. Really, how powerful is an ad that looks almost identical to the hundreds of other ads it’s buried between? How powerful is an ad shoved between your competitor’s with little setting it apart but slightly different graphics, and phone numbers?

Now, think about this. To make a sale you need the right message to the right market at the right time. When someone digs out the phone book and looks through the Yellow Pages for a company to fix their computer they are the right market, and they are looking for a company so it’s the right time. All you need is to furnish the right message
Huge Potential

The potential for this medium of advertising is huge. But, there is one small problem. Hardly anyone knows how to create an effective ad. See for yourself, open up your Yellow Pages right now and look through the ads. Copy cat ad, after copy cat ad, you’ll see the only difference in these name, rank & serial number ads is the name of the businesses.

What if YOU ran a Yellow Pages ad that was a real, honest to goodness, attention-getting, direct response-oriented ad?

What would be the results of doing this?

Why, people might actually be motivated to call your business and use your services!

See, the Yellow Pages are a directory for people who already want a service and are looking to see who delivers that service in their area.

But, just because they’re looking for a service, that doesn’t mean your advertising must be boring and “professional.” It doesn’t mean that you have to look like everyone else.

Don’t Listen To What Yellow Page Reps Tell You

They are not trained in emotional direct response marketing. In fact, you will be surprised to know, they don’t know very much about marketing at all, that’s why they tell everyone to run the same ads. And the only thing they really are concerned about is selling you the BIGGEST ad they can because the more money they suck out of you each and every month the bigger their commission check is. This may not seem fair or even ethical but this IS the reality of the yellow page business.

If you have any questions, need some immediate advice, or would like to get involved with my program please give me a call at 585-633-7563.

To your success,

Bob Britton

About the Author Bob Britton

Bob Britton is an accomplished entrepreneur with ​25 year’s experience ​starting, building and growing both brick-and-mortar companies as well as online businesses. ​He's personally built 3 companies from one man shows to the million dollar mark. Marketing Automation Group and the Automated Entrepreneur Method​® are his latest brainchild. After working with hundreds of business owners in every walk of business, he realized there was a HUGE gap in the support and training that was available, and set out to fill that void with his no-nonsense, hype free approach to business growth.

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