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“Give Me A Chance To Ask 14 Short Questions and I’ll Prove You Are Wasting A Small Fortune By Not Having The Right Marketing Knowledge”

Hi Business Owner,

My name is Bob Britton, a fellow small business owner and President of Marketing Automation Group.

Here are the questions:

► Are you tired of working your tail off day after day and just scraping by with no money or free time to go out and really enjoy life?

►Have you “HAD IT” working 50+ hour’s week after week after week?

►Are you all stressed out during the week hoping and praying that you made enough money to cover payroll?

►Do you get pissed off because some of your employees make more than you do, go on more vacations than you do, come and go as they please, and don’t have any of the risks and stress that you have?

►Are you just about at your “wits end” and tired of the same old, same old, or do you finally want to be the most successful and profitable Business Professional in your market area?

►Do you want to be the envy of all your competitors and “the business” everyone is talking about?

► Is that “word of mouth” advertising that you rely so heavily on leaving time slots empty month after month?

► Are you sick and tired of wasting money on advertising that gets poor results?

► Are you tired of riding the It business roller coaster … busy one week, then wondering what the heck happened the next week?

► Are you fed up that you are NOT booked solid with appointments month after month like everyone told you would be if you just “give the business time”?

►Are you scared to death to raise your prices because you think customers will stop coming in?

► Have you had it with everyone giving you advice (including family members) on how to be more successful at your business?

►Have you thought about throwing in the towel and getting a “regular job” or doing something totally different with your life?

►Do you want to continue running your business and have a great “lifestyle” and have plenty of money to pay bills, pay off your mortgage, pay off your car loan, have a nice nest egg of cash all while working less and when you want to?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, then do yourself a BIG favor and take the next simple step and get my program.
I put my money where my mouth is. I am so certain that my system will put tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket; I give you a ”FREE Look” 1-Year 100% Money Back GUARANTEE Yes, it’s that simple, with no strings attached, no gimmicks. You have a full year to examine everything, test and use my strategies, methods and techniques, and if you’re not amazed at the amount of new clients attracted to you, how much your profits have increased, and thrilled with what I put in your hands – and eager to continue working with me – then you can simply put it all back in a box, return it, and get a full 100% refund issued the very same day we get the materials back. No questions. No hassles. You MUST be completely satisfied. If not, I want you ask for and get a refund and I’ll let you keep all the FREE Gifts.

If you have any questions, need some immediate advice, or would like to get involved with my program please give me a call at 585-633-7563.

To your success,

Bob Britton

About the Author Bob Britton

Bob Britton is an accomplished entrepreneur with ​25 year’s experience ​starting, building and growing both brick-and-mortar companies as well as online businesses. ​He's personally built 3 companies from one man shows to the million dollar mark. Marketing Automation Group and the Automated Entrepreneur Method​® are his latest brainchild. After working with hundreds of business owners in every walk of business, he realized there was a HUGE gap in the support and training that was available, and set out to fill that void with his no-nonsense, hype free approach to business growth.

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