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Think Back To When You Decided To Go To Start Your Business… How Did You Imagine Your Career Going?

Hi Business Owner,

My name is Bob Britton, a fellow small business owner and President of Marketing Automation Group.

I know you must have imagined a fulfilling, successful career.

A career that gave you the opportunity to travel, drive expensive cars, live in the best neighborhoods, and plenty of time to spend doing what you love to do.

But do not feel bad if this isn’t how things have worked out.

A high percentage of business owners really have a hard time getting their business to be successful.

But I’ll tell you one of the biggest reasons business owners fail is that you guys were never taught how to be a savvy business person in school.

And this is NOT YOUR FAULT!

That’s where I come in. 

My program is the mechanism you can use to learn how to run a highly profitable Business.

It’s not rocket science…I assure you.

It’s all about gaining access to proven methods to not only bring in loads of new customers but customers who’ll say YES to high-end services.

If you have any questions, need some immediate advice, or would like to get involved with my program please give me a call at 585-633-7563.

To your success,

Bob Britton

About the Author Bob Britton

Bob Britton is an accomplished entrepreneur with ​25 year’s experience ​starting, building and growing both brick-and-mortar companies as well as online businesses. ​He's personally built 3 companies from one man shows to the million dollar mark. Marketing Automation Group and the Automated Entrepreneur Method​® are his latest brainchild. After working with hundreds of business owners in every walk of business, he realized there was a HUGE gap in the support and training that was available, and set out to fill that void with his no-nonsense, hype free approach to business growth.

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